In November 2005, the Minister of Commerce Science and Technology, the Hon. Phillip Paulwell, for the first time presented the National Innovation Awards for Science and Technology.


The major goals of the Minister's Innovation Awards were to sensitize, stimulate and encourage stakeholders - individuals, students, communities and organizations - to use science and technology in their endeavours, ultimately creating an enabling environment for innovation and creativity. The awards also seek to celebrate outstanding achievements of innovators in science and technology.

These annual awards are in support of the Government's efforts to promote the systemic application of scientific and technical knowledge to meet diverse and changing needs in different areas of the economy, and ultimately to increase production, productivity and diversity of products.


  • Sensitize the nation on the importance of inventors, innovators and applicable standards for inventions
  • Encourage inventors to develop commercially useful gadgets, tools, equipment and other products and processes
  • Publicly recognize innovators for their contribution to the development of science and technology in Jamaica
  • Create a cultural shift in perception regarding science and technology related careers and skills
  • Foster a better understanding among Jamaicans regarding the role of industry, innovators and inventors in the creation and diffusion of technical applications
  • Bring special attention to Jamaica's scientific, technological and innovative community


Ten awardees were selected by a panel of judges drawn from the business community and academia. The ten recipients were presented with their awards in November 2005 at the National Science and Technology Awards Banquet.  Award recipients were presented with a certificate of merit and a cash prize.

The Scientific Research Council (SRC) co-ordinated the activities surrounding these Awards in collaboration with the Bureau of Standards Jamaica.

These Awards had their genesis in the Scientific Research Council (SRC) programme on innovation and creativity which was launched in 1988. This programme eventually led to the formation of an Inventors Innovators Association, which aims at encouraging potential inventors and innovators to showcase inventions and provide support in R&D and other technical engineering areas.


Individuals, Schools, Community Groups, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises using some form of innovative technique or procedure in conducting operations in any of the following categories at a national level are eligible for entry.  The ten categories were:

1. Agriculture and Food
2. Education
3. Energy
4. Engineering
5. Entertainment Products
6. Environmental Sustainability
7. Health and Safety
8. ICT & Electronics
9. Manufacturing
10. Popularization of Science & Technology


The innovation or invention should:

  • Be in use for at least 12 months prior to submission
  • Solve or significantly reduce a problem of national, regional or international importance
  • Be the creation of an original, or a unique adaptation of an existing; concept, process, equipment or programme with long term social or economic benefit
  • Be the development and implementation of an innovative idea, resulting in quantifiable increased productivity, efficiency or financial benefits
  • Be the development of an innovative and technological product that has been successfully commercialized
  • Perform a practical function that makes life easier
  • Display creativity and demonstrate the economic use of material(s) available locally or indigenous to Jamaica
  • Be economically feasible, safe and environmentally friendly

All submissions to the Innovation Awards will be judged according to the conditions of entry and specific criteria for each category.  The judges' decisions are final.


Application Forms were available at all Parish Libraries, Social Development Commission Parish Offices and from the Award Secretariat located at the Scientific Research Council in Hope Gardens. Electronic copies can also be downloaded from

Completed application form, including a passport size photograph and submit to:

By Mail/Courier
National Innovation Awards for Science and Technology
Scientific Research Council
P. O. Box 350, Hope Gardens
Kingston 6

By Email:


Awards for Science and Technology
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